Research Partnership

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Our collaboration with DRK Research has proven valuable. Without the assistance of DRK our products would not be as capable as they are today.
  • DRK Research is a focused provider of business services using advanced analytical models developed through our rigorous research and application programs and targeted at high value business opportunities. We also deliver education services to large and mid-size companies that help put the models to use. DRK’s global research team has a strong history of commitment and success in serving clients in North America, Europe and China.

Business University Connections


Northwood University is a private four-year business university located in Midland, Michigan. At JK Data Analytics we partner with the Operations and Supply Chain Management program at Northwood. We utilize the highly skilled students who have contributed to our product for the past three years.

Skema Business School is a four-year business university located in France. SKEMA is a community devoted to learning and the creation and transmission of management knowledge and practice. Our major developer, Dr. Kevin McCormack, is an associate professor with Skema Business School. Dr. McCormack's association with Skema enhances our global business background.