JKDA Customers

BCCSS Customer

British Columbia Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS) is a not-for-profit society created by the Ministry of Health to promote health in the province by coordinating, managing and/or providing clinical, diagnostic and support services to British Columbia’s health care system. As our most trusted consumer, BCCSS utilizes both Analytics Xpress and Vendor Portal in day to day business processes.

BD Customer

Becton Dickinson (BD) partner with JKDA and utilizes Vendor Portal to visualize a large volume of product spend data and manage vendors. Our periodic report generation offers insight into product lines for BD.

Medtronic-Covidien Customer Logo

Medtronic-Covidien places value in our Vendor Portal product to coordinate vendors.

Kimberly-Clark Customer Logo

Kimberly-Clark trusts Vendor Portal for their specialization in personal care paper products.


3M Canada utilizes Vendor Portals to monitor healthcare products within Canada.