Vendor Portal (VP) is a completely customizable cloud-based, self-service data search, analysis and reporting application for medium to large datasets. VP is designed for vendors or business that utilize multiple vendors on a daily basis. The tool enables users to instantly view a wide variety of real-time spend with suppliers. Users can review product data, contract information, and market share statistics all within the site or downloading pre-formatted Excel files.View a product sample here: Vendor Portal


  • Google-like search field
  • Clean, organized interface
  • Scheduled upload of encrypted spend data into VP.
  • Ease of Use
  • Query Response Time dependent on internet speed
  • Savable User Filters and Searches
  • Excel File Download
  • Large Dataset Storage Capabilities
  • Market Share reporting


  • Improved visibility in product spend
  • Increased speed on RFP process
  • Easily manage billions of annual spend secured in a single location
  • View in browser from anywhere with access to cloud.
  • Quick, easy data filtering
  • Increases usage of data that contains multiple naming conventions
  • Displays market share data to increase decision making abilities

Security Measures

  • Amazon Web Services cloud based server
  • Restricted log in usage
  • Independently designed website through physicist coding technique.

Implementation | Training | Resources Needed

  • Simple usage allows seamless implementation
  • Minimal training needed
  • Minimal resources required
  • One analyst can utilize the product fully
  • Functions on any type of computer or device
  • Productive with less than 1 hour of training


  • Secure data warehousing
  • Data uploading, cleansing, and organization
  • Data assessment
  • Market analysis
  • Data extraction

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