Recognizing Opportunities for Collaboration in the Supply Network

In a supply network, groups of suppliers are connected through physical, information and control flows that work to accomplish and end goal. These connections are not perfect and usually have gaps and deficiencies in them that produce an advantage or disadvantage for one party or the other.

JKDA identifies these gaps and develops process and leading edge technology solutions that can be implemented by the lead company in a supply network to change the game and generate savings in the supply chain. In addition, often this shifts the power from the suppliers to the lead company and the “surplus profit” being obtained by the supplier can be returned in whole or in part to the lead company.

Examples from JKDA are
rental equipment, accommodations, and transportation management.

See a video on the accommodations management solution.

For background research on this opportunity, see the book “
Supply Chain Networks and Business Process Orientation” by Dr. McCormack available from Amazon

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